Barn Find 66 Buick Hits the Autocross! - HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 18

Enjoy a full length video from Stock Car Racing. On this bonus episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, its the return of our 66 Buick Special convertible. In episode 5, we showed you how this car had been abandoned in an Arizona backyard for 33 years with the top down. Freiburger and Finnegan flew into town, got the car running with the help of Rick Pewe from 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine, and drove it home to Los Angeles. The car proved to be a ton of fun, so now we are turning it into a daily driver. In this video, Freiburger and Camaro Performers magazines Nick Licata bring you along for the autocross, slalom and brake testing of the cars all-new performance suspension from Classic Performance Products (CPP). Its a sight you wont soon forget. When you’re done you can browse our video library to watch all of our high quality videos covering a wide array of topics.
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