Carroll Shelby & Petersen Publishing: A Look Back - HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 9

Enjoy a full length video from Stock Car Racing. On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, we look back at the unique relationship between Carroll Shelby and the flagship magazines of Petersen Publishing - HOT ROD and Motor Trend. We visit Bob DOlivo, the publishing companys longtime director of photography and a close friend of Shelbys, who gives us a rare glimpse at his personal archive of Shelby photography. Youll also hear from the magazines current chief content officer and our executive producer Angus MacKenzie as well as from HOT RODs publisher Jerry Pitt and Editor In Chief David Freiburger. Finally, we revisit the very last video interview that HOT ROD magazine had with Carroll Shelby, where Shelby reflects on his longtime friendship with Robert E. Petersen, founder of HOT ROD and Motor Trend, and reveals the crucial role Petersen and his staff played in the development of the Cobra. When you’re done you can browse our video library to watch all of our high quality videos covering a wide array of topics.
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