HOT ROD Drag Week: The British Invasion! - HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 20

Enjoy a full length video from Stock Car Racing. HOT ROD Drag Week is the ultimate test of the quickest real street cars, and racers battle mechanical problems and sleepless nights just to finish. Now imagine how difficult that would be if you had never been to the US, you shipped your car from another continent, drove it 600 miles to the start of Drag Week, and raced the whole five days. And your car is a Bedford van that you handbuilt with a turbo four-cylinder that runs 11.50s at 120 mph in the quarter, and theres a not a single part for it that you can buy in America. Now imagine doing all that while helping other racers at every step along the way, with a smile on your face the whole time. That was Mick "Wacky" Wilkes from England. When you’re done you can browse our video library to watch all of our high quality videos covering a wide array of topics.
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