The Green Hornet Movie Car Feature

Enjoy a full length video from Stock Car Racing. Inside the Green Hornet’s Hot Rod, the Black Beauty By Rob Kinnan After attending an early screening and press conference for the new Green Hornet movie, we got a chance to spend a little time in the Black Beauty to find out some of its features. The car is a ’65 Chrysler Imperial, one of about 10 built by Dennis McCarthy, and true to the TV show from the ‘60s, it’s equipped with rockets, guns, and a bunch of other implements of destruction. The one we shot the video of is one of the “hero carsâ€�? that was used for closeups and interior shots, and is being hauled around the show circuit the same time the movie is out, so it’s still very nice, unlike most of the others that were destroyed making the film. Many of the cars use GM Performance Parts ZZ454 crate motors, TH400s, Moser 9-inch rearends, and a long list of other good aftermarket parts, but this specific car still has a 413 in it, which is kind of cool. It runs, but they didn’t drive it at the press conference for us. Check out the vi When you’re done you can browse our video library to watch all of our high quality videos covering a wide array of topics.
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