Shock StrategiesShock tuning is a complex art. For most of us, it comes down to testing and trial-and-error. That is why modern double-adjustable shocks are such an advantage for teams that invest in them. Yes, double adjustables are more expensive, but the ability to change both the shock's compression and rebound settings without removing it from the car will allow you to make many more laps during a test session. If you race at the same track week after week, once you have determined the best shock settings, you can have a set of non-adjustables built to your requirements and put the double adjustables back on the trailer where they won't get damaged. But if you are traveling to a different racetrack every week, owning a set of double adjustables can save you the trouble and expense of having to carry several sets of shocks with you everywhere you go.

Go To SchoolOne of the problems with racing is learning the hard way too often means tearing up your racecar. If you are a new racer, or simply a racer looking to get better, consider a racing school. There are schools available all across the country that cater to just about any class of racecars you can imagine.

Duvall, the veteran Dirt Late Model racer who operates a dirt racing school in South Carolina, says he wishes a school had been available for him when he started racing. "It would have cut years off of my learning curve and saved me a lot of money in wrecked equipment," he says. "We had a lot of fun when I started racing, but we didn't learn anything. It wasn't until I started taking a stopwatch and watching other drivers that I really learned how to drive a racecar.

"I believe a good racing school, and I am talking about any racing school and not just mine, is a good investment. I can show you the right way to do things right from the start so the student won't be developing bad habits or tearing up his equipment unnecessarily. And if you aren't tearing up your equipment, then you can spend more time racing."

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