There was $10,000 for winning the Prairie Dirt Classic, $8,000 for the Northern All Stars series final race, and the big one, the 2004 UMP Challenge of Champions race, paying $10,000.

The 2005 season marked another sensational effort. There were only 10 wins, but his consistency showed with 38 Top 5s and 67 Top 10s once again. You just could never count this guy out. He finished Third in points for the super-tough UMP Summer Nationals, and won the Northern All Stars Midwest Speedweek event.

The 2006 season started off in great fashion with the winning of the East Bay Raceway Park Winter Nationals in Florida. Then later in the year, he finished Second in the UMP National points. His 13 wins were added to 39 Top 5s and 60 Top 10s.

He had more excellence last season with both the UMP National Championship and Summer Nationals coming his way along with 23 victories and 44 Top 5s. Not surprisingly, he was voted the 2007 UMP Driver of the Year.

Erb tells the interesting story of his only full-time employee, Heather Lyne. "She came up to me in 2000 and wanted to volunteer to help," he says. "She can do just about anything that needs to be done. It sure would be tough without her help."

They say that Dirt Late Model racing is changing with a new generation of drivers coming on the scene.

So meet Dennis Erb Jr.

He certainly has proved that he's one of the best.

Dirt Late Model Pointers From Dennis Erb Jr.

For a youngster who wants to get started driving a Dirt Late Model, there is only one way to go as far as I'm concerned. Go out and get a used one, preferably one that has already been set up. Heck, you can call the car builders for help. Do it. Then go to your local track and watch the best driver on the track. Follow him and watch his line. That's what I do. I still watch the best drivers, even today. I still learn something every race.

It's so important to understand the car and be able to fix it. I can take apart a car, put it back together, and fix anything that is broken. When you have that capability, and you can get it, you will be a lot better driver of these cars.