Madden is the odd-gal-out in the team, with a husband who isn't interested in auto racing.

"He'll come sit in the stands once in a while," she said, "but he'd rather be out riding his Harley."

Madden says she grew up going to the races with her dad, but lost interest in it for a number of years.

"I finally began going back a number of years ago. After the races I'd go down into the pits and pester the drivers and crew members with questions.

"Finally one of them asked me if I'd like to be part of the team."

She did light mechanical work and was put in charge of tires for a multi-car operation.

That experience led her to approach Carruthers about joining his crew when Jefferson was campaigning a car in the old NASCAR Northwest Tour.

"I still ask an awful lot of questions," she said. "There's so much about racing I don't know yet. Chuck's pretty good about taking the time to explain things, but you've got to know when to ask.

"I've been working with him just long enough to know when it's not a good time to bother the boss."-Jerry F. Boone