Like most of us, when buying something new you’ve asked yourself, which one should I get? With the quantity of different scales available, it can become a little confusing to figure out which is best for your needs.

But don’t let this decision weigh you down. Circle Track spoke with Intercomp, Longacre, and Rebco, three of the industry’s most respected scale manufacturers, about their scales and compiled need-to-know information to help you make the correct choice for your requirements.

As we kept in mind that full- featured scales can be pricey and out of reach to many racers, we limited ourselves to entry-level scales that are available for less than $1,500. When we began our search, we didn’t want a scale that would only tell us a race car’s weight, but also wheel weight and averages.

All three entry-level scales—Longacre’s Series K, Intercomp’s SW1, and Rebco’s 1-Weigh—weigh items on a single pad or multiple ones, have zeroing capabilities, run on AC or battery power for portability, and the processing units come in plastic carrying cases.

The chart below lists the typical features you will find on most entry-level scales and shows which features are available on the three scales we researched. This information should alleve any confusion the next time you have to find the proper scale for your racing needs.

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