Take an inside look at racing in a unique and dynamic way with Body Dynamics Racing Bodies, Inc.'s real-time live action video web cams. There are four video web cams strategically located within the Body Dynamics Racing Bodies, Inc. shop. They provide a window into the inner workings of a professional Winston Cup and Busch Grand National fabrication facility.

These cameras run live video 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday. After 5:00pm we replay video recordings of that day's activities so that if you're visiting after hours you can still see what happened in the shop that day!

Note: There are some areas of the facility that are not accessible. Because of the proprietary nature of some of the work we do this is necessary to protect the confidentiality of our clients' research and development efforts.

Parts Fabrication Area

Follow the general fabrication of a stock car. See how fenders, quarter panels, roof, hood and deck lids are fitted and welded to the chassis.

Click Here for the Parts Fabrication Area cam

Fabrication & Assembly Area

This angle gives a higher perspective of general fabrication. You will see more development of the chassis on the fabrication surface plates.

Click Here for the Fabrication & Assembly Area cam

Paint & Body Area

See how a racecar is prepared for painting, which includes the application and the sanding of the Bondo, as well as the application of primer, paint and the clear that is applied to the racecar along with the finishing touches.

Click Here for the Paint & Body Area cam

Primary Fabrication Area

Look over the shoulders of professional parts fabricators. You will see the craftsmanship that goes into the fabrication of the hood and deck lid as well as the panels and mounting brackets that goes on the racecar.

Click Here for the Primary Fabrication Area cam

Mobile "Mystery" Cam

The "Mystery Cam" will be used throughout the shop to show different views which will offer a fresh new look almost everyday.

Click Here for the Mobile Mystery Cam

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