It is now possible to purchase a lightweight aluminum floor jack for a price that ranges from $80 to $199. We can buy a 1,500-pound rated, rolling aluminum floor jack that is a perfect fit for the Saturday night racer.

Now, these jacks don't have the same quality as the specialty racing jacks, but they seem to fill the needs of the Saturday night racer. I have been using one in my shop for the past year with no issues at all. In fact, the racers at the track have been telling me the same thing.

A review of the pits at the local speedway will yield a good number of these lightweight jacks that have already found a home. This supports the concept that the racer can purchase a floor jack that will fill a need and not break the budget. Do not try to jack up a fully loaded race car trailer and change a flat tire, however, because it's not going to happen. But if you need to jack up the front, back, or side of your stock car, they work great.

Where are these jacks available? They can be purchased from many online racing parts vendors. Many of the local auto parts houses around the country sell them as well. For example, Harbor Freight sells a line of aluminum racing jacks.

If you want to get pumped up and carry around a 50- to 60-pound floor jack, you can purchase an all-steel version for about $59. For just a few dollars more you can get a jack that is lighter, easier to move around, and easier on your back.

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