Even after you take the time to clean the tank and keep the fuel entering the tank clean, you still need to run a quality high-volume filter. You will be using more fuel in a racing application than the previous street application so you need to up the capacity of the fuel filtering system on the car. There are many quality fuel system components on the market that will help you to achieve a trouble-free fuel system for your racer. Do the research, plan, and execute to make sure you are using sufficient filter size to supply the engine with clean fuel.

Cooling System
We are not as concerned with dirt in the cooling system as we are with covering the radiator with mud and blocking the flow of air and creating a situation where the radiator cannot do its job. Dirt on the radiator can cause overheating and we need to be concerned with potential damage to the radiator by an errant flying rock or dirt clod. It is not uncommon for the radiator to become damaged and start leaking. Aside from the potential damage to the engine from overheating, this damage can be an expensive repair, coming close to several hundred dollars. In a class where you are racing for smaller purses, it especially makes sense to avoid that type of expense. The solution to external damage may be as simple as placing a heavy metal screen on the front of the car to block foreign matter from impacting the radiator.

Keeping the various systems of the car clean is all about planning and execution. Look at what could happen and take the actions to prevent it from happening to you and your racecar. This is something that does not require any innovative thinking in an attempt to create something new and special. It is a case where the racers who have come before you have developed some very effective methods to keep the dirt out. It is up to you to take the effort to install similar devices on your car. Make sure the lessons of the past are incorporated into your car. You can use the time you save not thinking about how to solve problems that are already solved and use that time to work on the problems that are yet to be solved. It's just that simple.

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