Beginning April 20, 2001 ARCA fans will see a new make prowling the speedways of the Midwest- the Dodge Intrepid.

“We at Dodge Motorsports recognize the ARCA RE/MAX Series’ long history in motorsports,” said Bob Wildberger, Senior Manager of NASCAR Operations for Dodge. “We look forward to seeing the Dodge Intrepid on the track in ARCA RE/MAX Series competition. We believe we can supply high-quality, championship caliber parts to ARCA RE/MAX Series competitors, and we look forward to seeing Dodge’s winning tradition in the series continue.”

This is not Dodge’s first forray into the ARCA RE/MAX Series, having in the past won over 250 races in a combination of Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth hot rods.

“We welcome the Dodge Intrepid body style to on-track competition in the ARCA RE/MAX Series,” said ARCA president Ron Drager. “Dodge has been a winner in our series since Iggy Katona drove a Hemi-powered Dodge to victory in 1953, and as recently as 1999 when Robbie Pyle won in an Dodge Avenger. Given Dodge’s strong, long-standing presence in motorsports, and virtually uninterrupted winning ways in the REMAX Series, it certainly seems appropriate to have renewed Dodge representation in the form of the Intrepid.”