SCR: So you come from an area where you did a lot of fishing,and your family is involved in the clamming business?

TRUEX: Yeah, we lived right on the shore and I did a lot offishing growing up, in the bay and stuff.

SCR: So the Bass Pro Shop sponsorship really fits your lifestyle?

TRUEX: Yeah, it's cool. It's a pretty cool sponsor for me.

SCR: Do you hunt?

TRUEX: I do a lot, yeah. Junior likes to hunt a little bit,though not as much as me.

SCR: What kind of hunting do you do?

TRUEX: I do a lot of duck hunting and bird hunting and stuff anda bunch of deer hunting at home when I lived there. Been out West a fewtimes [on hunting trips]. Just love to do it.

SCR: Elk or what?

TRUEX: Mule deer, and I've got a few. I've got two mule deer.

SCR: Cool, where at, Colorado?

TRUEX: One in Colorado, one, one in Wyoming and one inMontana.

SCR: Was that in recent years?

TRUEX: Yeah, three years ago was the last time I went out there.

SCR: OK, so you and your dad hunt together.

TRUEX: Yeah, yeah, growing up.

SCR: Talk about that a little; I know your dad was a racer, butwhat kind of influence did he have on you.

TRUEX: Yeah, he's the only reason I started racing, really. Heand my Uncle Barney were racing from the time I can remember. I guessfrom the time I was born. And I just grew up around it and always lovedgoing to the racetrack and watching, and I always knew it was somethingI wanted to do. And when I turned old enough--when I was ten--I startedbegging for a go-kart, and when I was eleven, I finally got one. He wasalways racing so I had my mom who would take me to the track most of thetime, or my aunt would take me because my cousin raced with me. He was ayear younger than me and we would all ride to the airport--I mean therace track--and I would pretty much do everything myself. My dad taughtme a lot about racing and sportsmanship and how races go and how youneed to concentrate on making your cars the best you can and that sortof stuff.

SCR: So basically he was out racing when you were racinggo-karts, so you had to learn it on your own?

TRUEX: Well, yeah, I had to because my mom sure the heck didn'tknow anything [about racing go-karts]. But she got me there and that waspretty cool. Those were some good times.

SCR: So you were the driver and crew chief and the whole nineyards?

TRUEX: Yeah.

SCR: Talk a little about the family clamming business. How muchdid you work in that growing up?

TRUEX: When I was still in high school I would go out onweekends, like most kids go out on weekends and have a good time andeverything. But I would have to wake up at 2 o'clock or 1 o'clock onSunday morning, well, Saturday night. I would go out Sunday and work allday and come home and go to school on Monday. For probably a year or thelast year and a half or so while I was in school, I did that just tomake some money. I would make a couple hundred of dollars just onweekends. Of course, I was building a truck to put on the road when Igot my license, and all that came into it. When I got out of school Iworked a year and a half, I think it was, full-time on