SCR: When did you know that racing was what you wanted to do?

TRUEX: Before I ever worked on one of them boats, I'll tell youthat. It's what I always wanted and kind of what I always worked for. Ithink I got my Modified when I was about 17 and a half and startedgetting it ready, rebuilt it all and got ready to go racing in a realcar.

SCR: So when you were begging for the go-kart you knew thatsomeday you wanted to do what your dad was doing, racing?

TRUEX: Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah.

SCR: Was his racing a hobby or a full-time pursuit?

TRUEX: Well, he had his business and that was pretty much hisliving. Racing was second. He just loved to do it. I think that's whyhis business got so big, because he went racing and knew he had to makemoney.

SCR: What's the name of the business?

TRUEX: Sea Watch International.

SCR: Does he still own the business?

TRUEX: Yes, and it's getting bigger each day it seems.

SCR: You raced four times in 2002 in Busch, is that correct?

TRUEX: Yeah.

SCR: Was that for a family-owned team?

TRUEX: Yeah, it was for my dad's team, in cars we built in ourshop.

SCR: How many races in 2002 and 2003 did you run for the familyteam?

TRUEX: I think we ran three last year with it. Yeah, we ran threelast year with it, along with seven in the Chance2 car. I thought we didpretty good with what we had, with the resources. There were two guysand me working at the shop building cars. I did all the fabricating andpretty much a lot of it. I think our best run last year was when we wentto IRP and qualified 10th and got wrecked real early. But I had a realgood car and I was running fast. That was pretty cool to go build yourown car and everything and run with these guys a little bit and dopretty good.

SCR: So basically you could go to any shop in this sport and workas a fabricator?

TRUEX: Well, yeah, although I'm probably not as good as most ofthem are nowadays, I think I'm pretty good at it.

SCR: So that was your specialty on the family team?

TRUEX: Yeah.

SCR: Talk about your first Busch win at Bristol earlier thisyear?

TRUEX: That was pretty exciting. I kind of knew--well, I can'tsay I knew because you never know if you're ever going to win arace--but I felt like we had had a few opportunities to win, like atHomestead last year, and Rockingham this year, and I kind of let themslip away at the end by mistakes I made. Any time I've ever made amistake in racing I've always been one who thinks about it so much andworries about it so much that it seems to never happen again. I kind oflearn from it. That's what I always try to do. I try to learn from everymistake I make. I think that was part of the reason I won Bristol.